Azalea Fest


Every year in April, Wilmington welcomes Spring when the native azalea bushes bloom. You can drive downtown for miles passing these beautiful red, pink, and white flowers. The city goes all out for Azalea Fest and Hubs and I make it a tradition to stroll the Riverwalk every year. I have to always make sure I pass every street vendor to check that I am not missing anything I cannot live without, while Hubs has to make sure he quenches his thirst at the Brewery.

This year was going to be a little tricky because we both had to work Saturday. Hubs was already going to be downtown when I got off work, so I had planned to meet him down there. Once I left work to go home though, traffic was congested and I was pooped. Hubs was already at the brewery, so I told him to have fun while I stayed in to treat myself to some Netflix.

Sunday would make a better day for street-strolling anyway, as it is always the lesser crowded day of the weekend festival. My day started with some delicious bulletproof coffee (recipe coming soon!).



I then went outside and was welcomed by our very own baby azalea that was planted last Spring. It was very eager to celebrate this year!

azaleababeAfter making a breakfast bowl of sweet potato, onion, beef and fried eggs, I showered, got dressed, and headed downtown with Hubs. The weather was perfect. Sunny, but not too hot and there was a nice river breeze. I was curious to see how far we would be walking, so I calculated the distance with an exercise app on my phone called Nexercise.



The weather was a perfect opportunity for my left arm to catch up on its Vitamin D. We also visited some of the fun boutique stores that I never go into because I am usually never downtown to shop. I found the most adorable dachshund button earrings.

doxieearringsAfter getting close to finishing up our route of street vendors, my stomach was churning. I had made sure to eat a big breakfast this morning to hold me over, but the smells of deep-fried sweets and kettle corn had my mouth watering. I told Hubs to keep a lookout for a produce stand inside one of the markets. Right after I told him that, I found a new hole-in-the-wall called Happy Bowls. They had mostly smoothies and granola concoctions, but they also had juice options with fruits like apples, watermelon, and pineapple. The Whole30 does not recommend juicing nor does it recommend drinking your meal; however, this was an emergency! I had to get some type of food in me pronto!


I opted for a carrot and apple juice. I felt better about the fact that it had carrots in it and wasn’t all fruit. I expected it to be a thicker consistency, but it wasn’t. It did the trick just fine, but I was happy to get home and make myself something to actually eat.


I was hungry and did not want to spend a lot of time making my meal right when I got home….obviously. I use the Applegate’s Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs.


I had dachshund kisses for dessert!

Hubs and I had a wonderful Sunday. Once we got home, we did a bit of yard work and watched our weekend dose of whatever Dateline Mystery episode was on Demand. We also started Turn on AMC, which is so good! Speaking of AMC, Mad Men’s final season premiers tonight. I don’t know if I am going to be able to stay up for it. It comes on at 10 and I was in bed by 9 last night. Maybe I can set an alarm to wake me up? Then again, according to my phone app, we ended up walking 4.3 miles today just while promenading along the river followed by some yard work. I may be done for the day.

Good night!




Silver Lining


The car I was driving before it was totaled on Tuesday night was kind of on its last leg and we were going to look at getting a newer one this fall. This silver lining in this past week’s unfortunate events is that we got a bit more money for the car than if we would have traded it in and that I get a new car now instead of waiting for the fall.

Today’s goal was to browse for cars and hopefully pick a few out in order to narrow down a winner. My mom drove down this morning to help me since Hubs had to work. The first thing I had her do when she arrived was to get my hair off my shoulders! I can only just brush my hair with my right hand. I sat down and handed her the hairbrush and asked her to put it in a pony tail. She hasn’t done this since I was in elementary school! She got very nostalgic and turned my pony tail into a french braid. All I cared about was getting my hair out of my face and off my shoulders. Mission accomplished! Then we went on tending to the yet unaccomplished mission of car shopping….

After a few discouraging visits, we went to lunch where I called my husband to whine and pout about how I hated car shopping and how I needed him with me. I wanted to stop and go home but my mom convinced me to go to a few more places. Luckily we did because the next place we went ended up being our last place! I found my car!



A 2013 Mazda CX-5 with less than 20,000 miles on it for the same price as a 2011 Honda CRV with 48,000 miles on it that I was initially looking at. I was pretty specific with wanting a CRV, but once I saw this pearly white gem right next to one, I knew it was mine! Dan and Lady approved as well.



Car browsing isn’t the most fun idea of “shopping” I can think of. Fortunately, we lucked out. I am looking forward to settling into my new car tomorrow. I will need to run a few errands tomorrow…especially because I still need to buy a strainer for my bone broth! I meant to get one while out in town this afternoon, but then I bought a car so….yeah.

I ended my afternoon with a celebratory “sparkling” Kombucha. My husband drank a pale ale. I love how I can sip on a Kombucha with my husband sipping on a beer and not feel like I’m missing out on anything.



It’s been a great Saturday!