Beet It


Remember that one time I tried beets for the first time? I had no idea what to do with the cute little root that came in my CSA basket, so I just ended up roasting them in the oven. I wasn’t crazy about the taste; however, I ate them with the skin on which could have added to their very “earthy” (dirty) flavor. Not dirty like “these beets taste gross and disgusting” but more like they literally were a part of the farm to table movement (literally). The fun thing about them was their beautiful hue. And also their lingering surprise days later whenever I had to empty my bladder….Yep, I Wikipedia’d it to make sure I wasn’t dying.

So, anyway, I thought I’d give them another try….store bought and plastic packaged without any skins and already flavored. I purchased a fancy little pack of vinegar-infused beets made my Love Beets at Whole Foods for $3.99. The only two ingredients listed were organic beets and organic mild vinegar. Have I mentioned how much I love vinegar?! I had myself a winner!



I opened my beet-box yesterday afternoon when I got home from work looking for something to tide me over until dinnertime. The beets looked like adorable little plum-balls. They had their beautiful deep red color and the slight smell of vinegar was not too pungent (not that I think vinegar has a strong odor anyway….or maybe I do think that but I like the smell anyway!).


I picked up my first beet-ball and popped it into my mouth. The vinegar definitely gave it a different taste than my roasted beets…..for a second.  That earthy tang crept right back up into my taste buds and wouldn’t go away…no matter how nice the infused vinegar added to the flavor (which it did).

Oh well….so I’m not crazy about beets. I like Brussels sprouts, kale, and mushrooms….Hell, I like every vegetable I can think of! I don’t have to like beets. So I won’t pretend that I do. I’m glad I tried! It’s not even that I don’t like them….I’m just not crazy about them.

I’ll stick to using beets as a natural lip stick  😉