Splint-Free Glee!


I am typing this blog post without the hassle of propping my left elbow on stacks of pillows in order to get my wrist angled just right in order to type on the keyboard. My left arm is free and air balling…kind of. It is still wicked stiff and bent at an angle at all times (my left half looks like a T-Rex). It is going to take time for my elbow to get back to the free mobilization that my right arm has. For instance, rotating my arm counterclockwise hurts like a mother. I also can’t extend it all the way out to straighten it. The doctor said that this is pretty much due to the inflammation. Most of the swelling has gone down, but now that it is out of the splint I can compare it to my other arm and still see a big difference in puffiness around my elbow.

So, this past week had ended on such a different note than it began. When I first got my splint, I could barely wiggle my fingers and had a hard time figuring out how to do things. I was especially clumsy in the kitchen. A few days passed and I was able to dice veggies (kind of….still clumsily), open twisting jars and bottles, open and close doors/cabinets, and I even folded the laundry and made the bed! I was able to listen to my body and improve my skills in the splint but I also felt really good about my recovery. My husband gave me a lot of crap for “getting cocky” though. But, I knew that I wasn’t in any pain and I just plain felt good.

My husband’s teasing caught up to me as I sat in the waiting room at the orthopedics office this morning. I just got my X-Rays taken and I was waiting for the doctor to come and give me the news. I was happy to have my splint off even if it would just be temporary. They had to take it off for the X-Rays. I asked the technician how my elbow looked and she just replied “Oh, you know-these things just need time to heal. The doctor will go over everything with you.” PANIC! I for sure thought that whatever the X-Rays showed would not be good news. My first thought was how I could get away without telling my husband he was right all along. I was working myself up so much while waiting for the doctor to come in that I almost started crying! At least it felt so damn good to scratch and pet my arm.

The doctor came in and told me he couldn’t even find where the fracture was in the new X-Rays! Seven days. He initially said the first visit that I would be in a splint for 2 weeks. Seven days was all I needed! The bone isn’t technically fractured now, but there is still plenty of healing to be done. I can still wear the sling if I need it and I will have to ease into doing things. I am hoping the inflammation will decrease now that I am able to ice it. My plan is to become more and more mobile with each passing day!

I have the Whole30 to thank for my speedy recovery. Not only has my body been obviously reaping the benefits of my diet, but my mind has been put at ease through the headache this past week has been. All I can do is give a thumbs up!