Week 1 Recap


I’m so happy to have made it through week 1! I obviously wish I was further along, but I am learning to appreciate the journey and have gratitude for the present (Wow-that sounded like a first class Yogi…I don’t do yoga that often, but I do like a good hot session every now and then).  So, here are some notes from my first week:

  • Sleep: I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I had that one little hiccup Friday night where I had a hard time falling asleep and I stirred a few times in the middle of the night, but that has been it so far! After reviewing my day on Friday, I remembered that I also had some tea in the afternoon that had “mild caffeine” in it (whatever that means). My sleep pattern definitely could have been affected by the caffeine in the tea since I don’t consume any except for a cup of coffee in the morning. Last night I got 9 hours of sleep! Another interesting mention is my dreams have been very vivid, specifically dreams where I am eating non-compliant foods. I remember reading a lot about this with other  Whole30ers. Two nights ago I dreamed that it was Thanksgiving and I woke up very upset because the dressing I ate had wheat germ in it. Wheat germ?! I’ve never in my life intentionally eaten or purchased Wheat Germ so that was pretty interesting. I also woke up this morning feeling guilty over what I ate in my dream last night, although I couldn’t tell you what it was. Anyway, I am glad that in reality I did not eat what my subconscious apparently wants me to. Maybe I should keep a dream journal?!
  • Energy: My energy is definitely back. The first and second day I felt like a lazy bum but I am definitely more energized. I woke up this morning feeling sore from Saturday’s workout but I still wanted to get up and take Lady for a walk right away. I’m also writing this post standing up because I feel like I’ve been sitting around too much. I’m also itching to try a run outside-speaking of running, that brings me to my next point.
  • Ankle: All the tenderness and throbbing I felt in my ankle not even an entire week ago has already vanished– along with most of the inflammation as well! My ankle has always had a little puffiness around it compared to its counterpart, but I’m hoping it will completely disappear with a consistent diet post-Whole30. That said, I have not yet ran on it this week, but I have done a bit of higher impact exercises, so I feel pretty confident to take it out for a jog.
  • Bloat: Even though my body feels a lot less bloated than it did a week ago, I still feel a bit puffy. Hopefully the bloat will only continue to decrease in the next coming days and weeks!
  • Attitude: I feel really happy! It is amazing to see how dependent my overall personality and attitude is to the food I eat. I seriously felt depressed during the week-long break I took after my last Whole30 and before starting this one. I think I skipped the “Kill All Things” day this time around, but it may still be coming for me…..Who knows?! This experience is never uniform for anyone.

Here are some of my favorite things from this past week:

Southwest Ranch - 10oz

Tessemae’s makes dressings and marinades that are all Whole30-compliant. I picked this one up from my local Whole Foods store, but I only try to get them when they are on sale because they are pretty pricey. I love this flavor because it is vinegary and spicy–two of my favorite things! They also make Whole30 Ketchup and Hot Sauce, which I have not been able to find in my store, but you can order from their website. I’m not a big Ketchup girl but I do love hot sauce! Luckily, the Southwest Ranch flavor is spicy enough so I’ve been adding it to my salads and eggs!


NC coffee!!! I love any local NC products I can get my hands on, especially if it is coffee. Especially if it is local NC coffee that has collaborated with The Avett Brothers. Especially, if the collaboration is a fund-raiser for a good cause. If you don’t know now, you will know that my favorite band is The Avett Brothers. We used their song lyrics to quote our program at our wedding. My first dance with my husband was to them. In fact, I knew that my husband was “the one” because on our first outing I saw one of their CDs on the floor of his car (I let the fact that it was on floor of his car slide). Okay, I’m getting really off track now. Anyway, Counter Culture coffee has collaborated with the Avett Brothers to make a new coffee that gives proceeds to St. Jude’s. And you can buy it online! I bought two bags because I had dreams of getting one of the bags signed by the Avett Brothers on their New Years Eve concert, but that didn’t really pan out (by the way, did I mention I actually already had their autographs from when I met them back in 2008?!). Okay, so back to Whole30: I am not really sure on what the clear policy is on flavored coffee. I’ve read that certain flavors like hazelnut and/or vanilla are probably okay, but I’ve also read horror stories that Dunkin Donuts puts crap in their flavored coffee (sad news because their Pumpkin Spice coffee is delicious). So, I’m trying to just stay as close as I can to natural coffee beans that I grind myself–at least for these 30 days. I’ve also realized that I actually really enjoy the taste of black coffee. Good news for me!


Prosciutto from Trader Joe’s! This stuff is a great little go-to snack if I need something right before or after a workout. It’s also a good snack to keep me satiated if I notice any hunger twangs. Even though Whole30 strongly advises against snacking, it is hard in the first week to figure out how much and how often to eat. Usually my appetite is either all over the place or very much lacking during the first week depending on the day. Plus, prosciutto is really salty so it keeps me from getting cottonmouth which is another “symptom” Ithat  acquire over the 30 days, usually later in the month. Another great thing about it is that it can be used as an alternative to bacon since bacon is really hard to find without any added sugars. It doesn’t get crispy if you fry it in the pan, but it can give a lot of flavor to recipes.

Get Lost” is a caffeine-free Rooibos tea from The Republic of Tea. The “Get Lost” name comes from its description of apparently contributing to weight control; however I am far past buying weight-loss products and I just really enjoy the taste of the tea. Rooibos is really flavorful and it is the perfect post-meal pick-me-up, especially during the first week when all you want to do is eat something sweet after lunch or dinner.  Plus, it is caffeine-free and won’t keep me buzzing all night.

Another thing to mention about this past first week is how I’ve really enjoyed blogging about my experience this time around. It has not only given me a creative outlet, but it has kept me accountable for my choices. Plus, I enjoy pretending that I have a following of readers that may actually care about what I’m writing typing. My Hubs is definitely enjoying the meals I cook, but it is hard trying to get him to understand why doing all of this is important to me. He is supportive though even if he doesn’t truly understand and for that I am thankful. Now, it’s time to enjoy the sunshine before Superbowl meal prep!

**After going on a run I totally remembered some parts of my dreams last night. Not any food eating parts but I remembered that I dreamed I was hanging out at the Avett Brothers’ house (weird, after writing about them huh?) and that I took a pregnancy test and it came back “maybe.” Ha! I’ll take the first one and leave the second. **