Bubbly or Bust


I just looked at the calendar to see when my Whole45 is finished and I have exactly 2 more weeks to go! I have been a little distracted with the past week and a half’s events to really notice how many days are left (I wouldn’t recommend people getting in car crashes and breaking their elbows just to help pass the days along in their Whole30). The Whole30 has certainly contributed to my easygoing attitude and peace of mind throughout all of the insurance company phone calls, bank visits, car down payments, medical specialist co-pays, etc, etc, etc. I haven’t really been paying too much attention to my elbow. I sometimes forget that it is still healing…that is until I extend it too far or too quickly. My body promptly lets me know that I’ve overdone it. I am able to use it more and more each day. Today I could rotate my arm further than I could before. I can also extend my arm a little bit more….although it still won’t unbend and straighten all the way. I’m making progress though! My next appointment is on the 30th; so I have plenty of time to unbend my elbow by then 🙂

I’ve also been able to get a fair amount of exercise in. If I’m not able to do an actual workout, I am making sure I am at least walking a few miles at lunchtime. I was able to modify the T25 workouts this past week and it felt so good to sweat! I wasn’t able to attend a spin class this morning at the gym because I had to work today. I am going to try and attempt a run outside tomorrow. The running will require my arms to move around a lot, so I will just have to make sure I ice it afterwards. I’ve been icing it about once a day or so and it has really helped with the swelling and the soreness, especially after a workout.

On my way home from work, I was really craving a Kombucha. I didn’t have anymore at the house and did not want to drive to the grocery store and shell out 4 bucks for one. The sunny spring day just had me itching for something bubbly to quench my thirst. After walking Lady and eating dinner, I was still unsettled. For a second, I instinctively thought about grabbing the nut butter and bananas when I realized what I really wanted was something bubbly to soothe my hankering. I then remembered I had a leftover can of La Croix from a case I bought months and months ago. It was in the deepest corner in the back of the fridge.



In spite of the many months it has rested in my fridge, It totally hit the spot! I am noticing that my need for bubbles has been frequent with the warmer sunnier weather. Looks like I need to stock up soon since we are nearing the end of April. I bet it would be delicious mixed with Kombucha. That reminds me! I have a co-worker who makes her own Kombucha, and she is going to help me make my own. I am super excited to grow my collection of do-it-yourself experiments.


Silver Lining


The car I was driving before it was totaled on Tuesday night was kind of on its last leg and we were going to look at getting a newer one this fall. This silver lining in this past week’s unfortunate events is that we got a bit more money for the car than if we would have traded it in and that I get a new car now instead of waiting for the fall.

Today’s goal was to browse for cars and hopefully pick a few out in order to narrow down a winner. My mom drove down this morning to help me since Hubs had to work. The first thing I had her do when she arrived was to get my hair off my shoulders! I can only just brush my hair with my right hand. I sat down and handed her the hairbrush and asked her to put it in a pony tail. She hasn’t done this since I was in elementary school! She got very nostalgic and turned my pony tail into a french braid. All I cared about was getting my hair out of my face and off my shoulders. Mission accomplished! Then we went on tending to the yet unaccomplished mission of car shopping….

After a few discouraging visits, we went to lunch where I called my husband to whine and pout about how I hated car shopping and how I needed him with me. I wanted to stop and go home but my mom convinced me to go to a few more places. Luckily we did because the next place we went ended up being our last place! I found my car!



A 2013 Mazda CX-5 with less than 20,000 miles on it for the same price as a 2011 Honda CRV with 48,000 miles on it that I was initially looking at. I was pretty specific with wanting a CRV, but once I saw this pearly white gem right next to one, I knew it was mine! Dan and Lady approved as well.



Car browsing isn’t the most fun idea of “shopping” I can think of. Fortunately, we lucked out. I am looking forward to settling into my new car tomorrow. I will need to run a few errands tomorrow…especially because I still need to buy a strainer for my bone broth! I meant to get one while out in town this afternoon, but then I bought a car so….yeah.

I ended my afternoon with a celebratory “sparkling” Kombucha. My husband drank a pale ale. I love how I can sip on a Kombucha with my husband sipping on a beer and not feel like I’m missing out on anything.



It’s been a great Saturday!



That post title was supposed to go something like this “Kambucha…[evil laugh]”

Last week my local Whole Foods store was hosting a Kambucha tasting. I’ve always wanted to try Kambucha but I was hesitant to buy a $3 bottle of it without knowing if I’d even like it or not.. I have browsed the Kambucha selections before, specifically focusing on the added ingredients to make sure it was Whole30 compliant or not. I had a hard time finding a brand without any added sugar. Although I have recently learned that GT’s Kombucha brand is Whole30 compliant.

At the sample table they had three different offerings of Kombucha brands. I didn’t want to be a pain in the ass and go behind each table to scour the ingredients of each brand of Kombucha, so I picked the one less crowded and started up a conversation with the woman filling up my cup. She let me be a pain in the ass and pick up all three bottles to make sure they were all compliant. Luckily they were! The brand I tried was Buchi, which is actually a local brewery based out of Asheville, NC. I sampled their “Fire” and “Seed” flavors. Both were very different but pretty dang delicious. I bought both and had my first one this afternoon with lunch.


I had the “seed” flavor this afternoon. The listed ingredients included: “Organic Raw Kombucha, Organic Apple Juice, Organic Coconut Water, Organic Pineapple Juice, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Black Sesame Seeds, Perilla Seeds, Organic Tumeric Root and Organic Natural Flavors.”

It also had fun informative facts on its bottle like “Contains Live Probiotic Cultures” and “Preservative, Additive, Gluten, Dairy and GMO free!


I poured the Kombucha into a glass to see its color. The soapy head instantly reminded me of beer, which felt really fun-like I was flirting with the black and white lines of Whole30. The beverage was immensely flavorful. The up front taste reminded me of apple cider vinegar (which is one of my favorite flavors ever!). It was bubbly, tart and sour yet it was balanced with sweet fruity flavors. It was also probably the most carbonated beverage I’ve drank since I gave up soda months ago.

All in all, two thumbs up! Especially after reading more and more about Buchi’s company. Not only are the local but they are also very dedicated to sustainability. Plus, they even distribute their Kombucha to local cafes, restaurants, pubs, and grocery stores that offer it fresh on tap! How cool?! Looks like I need to plan a trip to Asheville. Cheers!