Curve Ball


Well my week sure did get a huge curve ball thrown at it (you can thank my Red Sox-loving-husband for the baseball analogy)….maybe more actually like my whole entire month of April. I was unfortunately rear ended on Tuesday night coming home from band rehearsal. I am not going to get too much into the details because #1) I am kind of sick of talking about it and #2) it is difficult to type for me due to my fractured elbow. I will just say that while it was a pretty traumatic episode; it could have been very much worse and I am lucky to be at home typing this awkwardly with the right side of the laptop propped on a pillow and my left arm in a splint. I was given good news at the orthopedic specialist that my fracture should heal quickly in a couple of weeks and I won’t need a cast (Hallelujah!).

It is so crazy because right after my collision I didn’t think I needed to get checked out at the hospital. My left elbow bruised instantly and started swelling but my adrenaline was taking over. I then felt a bump on my forehead and started limping on my right leg and realized we better go to the ER just in case. Luckily we did because a few X-rays later showed a fractured elbow. I instantly thought of how lucky I was to be on this Whole30 program. Yes, finding out I had a broken bone sucked, but I took comfort in the fact that I was giving my body the best nutrients I could to help it work its magic! I also didn’t freak out like I thought I would about not being able to go to the gym to take high impact cardio and strength training classes during my body’s time of healing. My only plan is to give my body what it needs now: recovery through rest and nutrients. I can also thank the Whole30 for my peaceful mindset through this very stressful time.

So, what’s my plan? To keep on! I got up extra early this morning to give myself enough time to make my lunch and breakfast. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be with one arm (more like one and a half since I can use my left hand). Chopping red leaf lettuce is difficult…or really any kind of produce. But the softer it is, the harder! Dicing the cucumbers for my salad was a bit easier since they are sturdier on the cutting board. I am learning to use my mouth as a second (third?) hand which works out quite nicely. I have always wanted to make homemade bone broth and now seems like the perfect time. I could definitely use the extra nourishment that the bone broth will have to offer. This is going to be my next “to do” task aside from all the insurance claims, doctor appointments, car shopping, etc. I made my husband take me to Whole Foods to pick up some beef bones while we ran errands yesterday. Now all I need to do is teach him how to put my hair into a decent looking pony tail….

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