Why Whole45?


Why not!? Actually, in all seriousness, I think completing a Whole45 would be a perfectly timed thing for me right now. I have successfully completed 2 rounds of Whole30 this year and always find trouble balancing afterwards. With each Whole30 though, I become a bit better and better at the balancing part. After my first Whole30, I ended with an out-of-town trip to a wedding. There was no time to dip my toes in and test the waters. Needless to say, I belly flopped and had a very hard time getting back onto land. Once back on though, I dedicated myself right then and there to a second Whole30.

The brother and I drinking beer before the wedding.

The brother and I drinking beer before the wedding.

After my second Whole30, I had a much easier time navigating the current. However, another out of town trip involving old college friends, a brewery, and late night pizza left me feeling discouraged. The weekend was such a great time though and I refuse to let myself feel down about that. I was able to get back on track and before I knew it, I had 2 weeks under my belt of eating Whole30 compliant without really trying.


Reuniting with friends at a local brewery after playing paintball.

However, I have recently been having visits of my sugar dragon, which has led me to juggling a nut dragon as well. I have been consuming nuts just to cope with trying not to eat anything sweet. I think this is the perfect opportunity to buckle down and knock out this Whole45. I want to slay my sugar dragon while also making sure to stop a nut dragon from growing into a sugar dragon.  My Whole45 is scheduled to end on April 26th. I had to add a few days onto my Whole45 to make up for my nut-fests.

Why not Whole60? I actually thought about doing a Whole60, but I wanted to give myself enough space to not stress out about this new endeavor. I also wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time to test the waters this round. I have two weddings in May…which means I also have two Bachelorette parties I will be attending as well. I don’t want to end my Whole stretch on such a high note only to come crashing down with wedding cake, free booze, and bad dancing.

Plus, a Whole30 is just not enough! At the end of each 30 days, I always feel like I am just getting started. This time, I will get extra time to choose how I take advantage of my new found energy. Plus, I need some incentive to look better than I do now in coral at my best friend’s May wedding.



Here I come…Watch out you overpriced coral colored piece of fabric!


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