So, I have been nut-free for almost 48 hours and all I have been craving is fat! I want avocados in all my meals and I can’t stop thinking about a thick juicy steak with bacon and avocado slathered onto it. I should do something about this! Last night I finished my jar of coconut butter. It was fattily decadent and perfectly did the trick. I wonder if it it’s my body’s strategy to bounce back from my nutastrophe. Anyway, it is good to know there are other ways that my cravings approve of to get my fat into my meals.

Aside from the intense cravings there has been a complete lack of energy I’ve had all week. It’s kind of like a paleofied version of the carb flu one gets when first starting Whole30. Except mine is a nut flu. I inhaled a lot of cashews, pistachios, pecans, and almonds….so it would be no surprise to me if my body was having to take its sweet time figuring out what the hell to do with all of the nuts I consumed. Anyway, today was a bit better with the energy stores. I was able to get a nice 25 minute full body workout in (thanks Shaun T) and do some very light yoga stretching for an hour. After dinner tonight I also chopped up some of our old couch in the backyard….for real.



It was my husband’s bright idea to keep our old couch in the backyard once we bought our new couch. It was broken, so we couldn’t sell it and we didn’t want to dump it or pay to have the landfill take it….so, after a few months of it being back there I kind of forgot about it…..until I remembered. I asked my mom and dad to borrow their ax before the film crew of Hoarders came knocking on my door. Surprisingly though, I have really enjoyed swinging an ax! I kind of feel like I am getting a free Cross Fit workout in. Plus, it is so fun and kind of addicting….now I need to watch Lifetime’s Lizzie Borden Took an Ax.

Hopefully the couch will be gone in a week or so and my nut flu symptoms with it! I will happily keep my steak with a side of avocado and bacon though.


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