Whole30: Going Stag


So on my 30th day of my second Whole30, the Whole30 Facebook page asked if anyone who has accomplished the Whole30 solo without the aid of buddies, spouses, family, co-workers, etc doing it along with them would be interested in answering some questions. I jumped at the opportunity to hear from Melissa Hartwig and to pretend to know what I’m talking about.

She sent me an email with a pleasant note and several questions followed below for me to answer.

Dear Casey,

Thank you for helping us with this feature! Please answer as many or as few of the following questions as you like, in as much detail as you choose.



Um, of course I’ll answer all the questions you want! And guess what? About a week and a half later, their Flying Solo:  Doing the Whole30 Without Family Support was featured on their website…and so was I!


Just in case you can’t find me and my words of wisdom….


I thought it was pretty cool! Anyway, there was lots of great advise on the write up, so check it whether you are Whole30 going stag or not.


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