What the Chayote?!


I keep thinking that today is Thursday and when I think about tomorrow being Friday, my brain chimes into my wishful thinking with a “no, that can’t be right…” Dang it, it is still just Wednesday. At least today is the last day of winter! Right?! Oh, the weather forecast just may be on my side with this one! After the past four days of cold rain the high is supposed to get up to 70 tomorrow. Yay!

I’ve recently felt like I haven’t accomplished enough of what I wanted to have completed by now. The New Year felt like it just passed and we are already approaching the first day of spring! I had visions of freshly coated painted walls in my house, new efficient window treatments in the bedroom and bathroom, and a fence gate that actually closes properly. After the washer machine breaking this weekend and our fence gate falling apart from the harsh wind storm we had a few weeks ago; I have been beating myself up a little bit.

And now it’s time to acknowledge it and let it go! I’ve put a lot of time and energy into getting into a healthy routine and mindset this year and that should be the top of the “to do” list. With spring coming (tomorrow) and hopefully warmer weather right around the corner, I am hoping I will get motivated to head start the house tasks and get most of them accomplished before the fall.

So, to say goodbye to winter and set the new path for spring; I decided to plan dinner tonight around a new food item I’ve never tried: chayote. I’ve been pronouncing chayote like “coyote”, but my husband pronounces it “chai-oat.” However it is pronounced, it is super cute and looks like a cross between a pear and a squash.



It were super easy to slice and its texture reminded me a lot of an apple or a pear. I ate a sliver of it while dicing and it reminded me of a sweet-pepper-pear.

chayote sliced


I sauteed them with onions, lemon juice, garlic and parsley. I then added my chayote combo to some grass-fed beef and mixed an egg, cumin, celery seed, coriander and oregano all together.



I then chayote-stuffed some peppers. Chayote! It’s also fun to use as an onomatopoeia. But most of all, it was the perfect addition of flavor to our dinner.



And 45 minutes later, it was finally time to enjoy.



Goodbye Winter; welcome Spring.


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