Iced Coffee Weather



Today was a perfect day for an iced coffee. I never get to treat myself with Starbucks because it is too far into town and always out of the way. However, today I left work in the afternoon to attend a seminar and passed by one. The beautiful sunny day had me craving an iced coffee! Ever since starting the Whole30 I have been grounding and brewing coffee beans at home which has been a lot cheaper than spending 3 bucks on iced coffee, but it was worth it! I appreciate the taste of coffee so much more now and have always preferred Starbucks-even over some local shops which saddens me but customer service and consistency will always trump local quaintness. I ordered a decaf iced Americana. I didn’t want to screw up my energy levels by drinking caffeine in the afternoon. However, I like to think that by even drinking decaf coffee my body doesn’t know the difference and carries out a placebo effect. Ha!

I ended my beautiful day with a quick 2 mile run around the neighborhood. I was frazzled all day and didn’t even get to work out at lunchtime. I got home late while driving through town getting stuck in traffic; plus I had to stop at the grocery store. I got home, put the groceries away, let Lady out, put some running digs on and hit the pavement. I haven’t ran in a while! It’s been over a week and I barely did anything while I was sick the past 6 days. I have a 5K to run this Saturday so I was a little nervous about how running today would feel. I didn’t want to push it but was hoping it wouldn’t be miserable. It could have been better, but I did feel really good. Plus, it was a run I actually really enjoyed running. That is always a good feeling!

Hopefully this weekend will include more iced coffee and beautiful running weather.


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