Sick Days


I’d like to think I am up at 4 AM writing this because I’m making up for the constant sleeping-in and napping I experienced in the past 2 days while I had to take off work and get over my bug. I started feeling sick Wednesday morning. My throat was a bit sore, but nothing too crazy. By the afternoon, I was seeking Tylenol from co-workers for a blasting headache that didn’t go away until Thursday night. Thursday was the worst of it: fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, nausea, and headache. By the end of Thursday, sometime waking up after my third nap I was feeling much better. I was also getting optimistic that I could return to work Friday morning to help take some work off of my plate for Monday. Ha!

I woke up on Friday morning feeling worse than I did Thursday night, but still better than I felt on Thursday morning. At least it was some improvement. We had a pretty bad wind storm Thursday night, so unfortunately I didn’t have any cable TV or internet to help soothe the pain of my sick day. I was feeling better enough to drive across the road to the nearest Redbox and rent some DVDs: “The Great Gatsby”, “Don Jon”, and “Blue Jasmine”. I still have to watch “Blue Jasmine”, but luckily I’m up so early that I have plenty of time for that!

Yesterday, I noticed that my tonsils were swollen with white patches on them. Boo! That has only meant one thing to me several times in the past: tonsillitis. I’ve gotten tonsillitis at least 2 or 3 times since being in my 20’s; yet, not ever as a kid so I never got my tonsils taken out. All of my symptoms on Thursday were textbook tonsillitis, but I’ve always experienced the symptoms at a much higher level-plus, I was feeling better now. The first thing I did when I got up was to check in the mirror. They are not as swollen and as far as I could tell didn’t have any more white patches on them. Phew! I’ll take that as a good sign, even though my lymph nodes still feel a bit tender. My throat isn’t as sore and I can swallow now without wincing.

I wonder if my off-roading that occurred on Monday and Tuesday have had anything to do with my little sick spell. I’m sure it didn’t cause me to get sick, but it sure could have weakened my immune system and helped decrease my health, giving whatever bug the prime opportunity to infect me with its grossness. Anyhow, it’s not too far of a stretch. All I wanted were popsicles and ice cream the past two days, but I settled on frozen fruit and applesauce. I was never very hungry throughout the day, but at night when I was feeling better I’d get a pretty big appetite out of nowhere that I fed with copious amounts of almonds. I could have made worse choices!

Here’s to healthier days and hoping my husband doesn’t get infected!


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