Top O’ The Morning


Happy March!!! I love the first day of a new month. A blank canvas with new holidays and changing seasons. Hopefully Spring will peer its head out of its shell sometime by the end of this month. It also means I get to put the V-Day themed decor (in my case, pink-colored beer bottles I use as flower vases) and bring out anything shamrock-shaped or somewhat green tinted. I married a Bostonian, so I have become exponentially more Irish in the past 6 months just by changing my last name. Although in my defense, my mom has always told me I have a mix of German and Scotch-Irish in me (I just described myself like a dog breed, didn’t I?)….so there! Plus, I hosted the Irish Staff Luncheon last March before I married. I’m hosting it again next week, so get ready for some sweet-potato-filled Irish recipes.


I busted out the new kitchen digs. I’m still working on some classy beer bottle decor. Rogue has an awesome Irish Lager we used to have a long time ago, but it lost its way when we moved last year (maybe back to the homeland?). Anyway, just looking at that cute little leprechaun-belted mug of coffee made me want some right away. I grounded my current favorite coffee beans and waited patiently for it to brew.



I found a jar of Artisana Coconut Butter for a steal in my favorite section of a T.J. Maxx store a few weeks ago-the gourmet food and kitchen aisles! I put a tablespoon of delicious flakey coconut butter and stirred until it dissolved. And then I sipped and savored.


See, now you can tell from the bed head how much I needed it. I promise I have washed and brushed my hair since drinking this coffee. 🙂 I don’t usually fancy up my coffee since starting the Whole30; I have just been drinking it black. I never thought I’d enjoy the taste of black coffee, but I’ve really come to love it. However, it was a nice treat adding a little something-something to it this morning. Happy March!


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