Hunger Pains


This is my fourth Friday on the Whole30. This will be my last weekend officially on it. Monday will be my 30th day. It really has flown by! I feel like I am only just beginning my journey though. Plus, there are still so many fun and adventurous recipes I really want to try out. I plan to keep on chugging along on the Paleo train. But, I’ll cross that bridge on Tuesday morning.

I am still feeling great; however a little more tired and hungry lately. Not sleepy tired. My energy is still stable all day long and I’m not experiencing any ups and downs throughout the day. Just feeling a tad more bit fatigued in my body. I am probably overworking myself in the gym. And my hunger is definitely letting me know! I came across a really interesting Whole9 article about Rest vs Recovery that I found on the Whole30 Forums. It is really freeing to read something about health and fitness that tells you NOT to kill yourself in the gym everyday. I’ve struggled with this in the past and still do. I have been to the gym 3 times a day before. I love working out and enjoy it, but I flirt with a fine line between balance and extreme. I still do two-a-day workouts throughout the week, but I balance them between recovery workouts like yoga and less intense exercises. Plus, our lunchtime workout sessions are only 25 minutes, which is short and sweet.

I’ve been a lot hungrier this week than I have been before, especially first thing in the morning. This is also a good thing, because it means my cortisol and leptin hormones are at good levels and that my metabolism is working way better than it did 4 weeks ago. I just want to make sure I’m getting enough food to fuel my day plus my workouts. A lot of comments on the Troubleshooting section of the Whole30 Forums focus on making sure you are eating enough amounts. So, I’m currently trying to find my sweet spot when it comes to meals. I’ve been eating a bit more fat at dinner time because I usually get a hankering to eat something right before bed. I haven’t tweaked out the right amount yet, but I am hopeful to figure it out. Tonight for dinner I had two servings of turkey meatloaf instead just the one I would usually limit myself to. I feel happily satiated now.


I made a deconstructed burger for lunch with spinach, cooked kale, cherry tomatoes, fried egg, mushrooms, avocado, a grass-fed burger, and avocado oil and vinegar. The avocado and oil lasted me throughout the rest of the day but by the time I got home after 5 I was gnawing on some celery and mixed nuts to hold me until dinner.


Tonight’s dinner was turkey meatloaf cooked with ground turkey, onion, butternut squash and a tomato paste topping. I roasted some broccoli with coconut oil and mustard to go with it. It was very filling! I probably need to pay closer attention to my morning meals. I tend to go lightest with the fat in the morning because I don’t spend as much time cooking breakfast before work. I love the weekends because I really get to take my time in the kitchen on my morning meal. I don’t mind if I fall asleep now so that I can wake up to get started! šŸ™‚


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