Stupid Easy


Get ready for a lot of green images. I promise none of them were taken from The Exorcist movie. So, last week I bought about 6 zucchinis for like a dollar at the grocery store’s quick sale produce stand. Last time I bought zucchinis for a steal I made “zuke-noodles”. I wanted to try another fun recipe I found one day while stalking the online Paleo food blogs. I stumbled across Stupid Easy Paleo’s Zucchini Fritters.

Okay, I’m not anywhere near writing my own Paleo cookbook, but I will modestly admit that I have become a pretty damn good cook since embarking on these Whole30 adventures. It’s probably just the food and has nothing to do with me. That’s okay, my husband doesn’t care and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. But I surely thought “stupid easy” would be a cinch. My first mistake was probably using my handy dandy Ninja blender.


The recipe called for a “box grater or food processor” to “shred” the zucchini. Well, the Ninja blender is definitely a food processor. However, it (as in “I”) pureed the zucchini instead of shredding them. I should have probably put a few zucchinis in there at a time to shred them instead of blending all of them up at once. So, I got this awesome pureed green plop.


What’s even better is that I put the green pureed plop in a green mixing bowl. Sorry about that. Anyway, I salted the plop and let it sit for 10 minutes like the recipe says. However, it was a lot harder to squeeze the water out. In fact, I couldn’t squeeze anything so I just did the best I could. That was probably the most damaging thing to the fritters was that the plop still retained most of its water. I was hopeful though with the addition of the almond flour and egg.


I melted some coconut oil in my cast iron and put a few scoops of plop in it. I was getting really optimistic after they started sizzling in the oil. But, all of my confidence quickly dissolved after I tried flipping the fritters over. None of the mix stayed together and each fritter sadly disintegrated off of my spatula and back onto the pan.


So, I then made the recipe really stupid easy and just dumped the whole plop into the cast iron for a mean green zucchini mash (fritter who?!).

zucchinipancake zucchinicooked

It was seriously delicious! No joke! It was the perfect pairing to my salmon for dinner.

zucchiniwithsalmonSo, maybe i’m not a great cook in the kitchen after all. But, I’ll take innovative! The last thing you want to be is boring when it comes to Paleo meals anyway, right?



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