Eating Out


Today marks the end of week 3. I can’t wait to recap on all of the amazing changes that I’ve felt this past week, but I will save that for tomorrow. My mom came down to spend time with me today. We had initially planned to do this 3 weeks ago, but first there was the snow episode (from two weeks ago) and then she had to be out of town last weekend. I am really glad she came down today. I love spending time with her and she is seriously my best friend. She brought me a Valentines Day present which was a bottle of red wine. I love red wine. I will hold onto it until I can have a glass! Luckily my husband is a beer connoisseur instead of a wino.

We made plans for her to get here at 10 AM. That gave me enough time to attend an 8:30 morning spin class, get home, hop in the shower, get dressed, and eat a post workout meal. She got in right when I started eating; I even had time to make the bed once Hubs got up to take Lady on a walk. Back to spin class for a second….I had such an awesome workout! More to comment on that though for tomorrow’s recap post.

We went to several consignment shops. I splurged on two pairs of shoes that were pretty pricey, but they were 60% off! One pair were leather ankle boots, originally 80 bucks. I have been itching to buy myself a pair of ankle boots that I can actually walk in. The heel needs to be thick and short to help support my right ankle. These were perfect! The other pair were some loafers that had a wedge on them and were too comfortable not to walk around in all day. They were originally $70. With the sale, I got both pairs for $64. I cringed when she rung up the price, but then I reminded myself that I hadn’t bought myself shoes in years and that the sneakers I still wear to the gym everyday have holes in them that display the socks on my feet to the world.

After some shopping it was lunch time. I had not done any research beforehand on scoping out the most Paleo-friendly restaurant in town. I just figured that wherever we go would be a challenge and that I’d make it work the best that I could. I honestly figured I’d just be ordering a bare minimum salad with the saddest looking naked chicken breast on it with oil and vinegar on the side. Fortunately though, we ate Thai. Thai! I haven’t had Thai food in so long. I’ve mentioned before that my husband has a very “sensitive” palette. Lets just say he drinks Diet Dr. Pepper, because the regular Dr. Pepper is too spicy. Now, I must give him props because he has really come a long way since I have been cooking. Plus, my family and I love spicy food, so he oftentimes will try new things just from the peer pressure that comes with family meals. However, we never go out to eat for Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, or Mexican. We really hardly ever go out to eat at all unless it is to a brewery.

The restaurant was packed. I forgot that the town has been confined to their houses most of the week without power. My mom and I got seated pretty quickly, but I instantly took the menu and looked it over before we were called. The Panang Curry was instantly calling my name. It had your choice of beef, pork or chicken with green beans, onions, sweet potato and coconut milk. I asked our waiter if the menu item had any added sugars or soy cooked with it and he said that none of the curry menu items did. I felt pretty confident with my lunch choice and with the information he gave me (even though it was barely any). I have also read that Thai food is pretty Paleo-friendly considering that coconut is a staple ingredient. Besides, I was staying very clearly away from any peanuts or rice. I started considering in my head the possibility of added ingredients and preservatives to the coconut milk or the refined cooking oil they may use, but then I told myself that I did the best I could. In the end, I am so glad I let myself enjoy the meal with my mom. It was a perfect girls out lunch. I forgot how much I love Thai food!


I ordered the pork for my Panang. My mom ordered the Yellow Panang that had beef, avocado, cauliflower, basil, onion and coconut milk. You bet I had some of hers too.


I took the rice and the fancy mints that came with the receipt home for Hubs. I finished about half of the lunch and am going to finish the rest as soon as I finish this post. I may or may not have kept compliant today, but I know that I tried my best to be. I also think that no matter what, I have been successful with the Whole30 today because I thought about what was in my food and I actively enjoyed my meal (if that makes sense). Before the Whole30, I used to stress over eating out. I would experience awful anxiety about where to go out and what to eat there. I have a history with disordered eating patterns (to say it lightly), specifically with this past year. The added stress of wedding planning had taken a huge toll on me most of last year. So, when I say that I really enjoyed this meal out with my mom….I really did. So, whether I was compliant or not–it doesn’t matter. The Whole30 has given me the experience to enjoy my lunch out today with my mom. And I will enjoy the leftovers for dinner!


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