A Very Compliant and Chocolateful Valentines Day



This post is going to be short and sweet. I just finished dinner and I have 20 minutes for the Valentines Day episode of Modern Family to finish before my Valentine starts to complain about spending our V-night with me on the laptop. Oh I love him! I seriously just “crave” blogging about my Whole30 experience (just like my body’s been craving running)! I was super excited about keeping the Valentines Day theme going on throughout the day in spite of being in the thick of my Whole30 (I really, really love holidays!). So, lets get started with the recap!

Not like the picture above, it was actually really hard to make a heart-shaped fried egg. My little heart shape cutter is really more suitable for thicker breakfast molds like pancakes so it didn’t keep the thin layer of egg from frying beyond the heart’s edge. So, I improvised.


It was still delicious on top of my leftover bison-stuffed bell pepper!


In the afternoon, I enjoyed a hot cup of Numi Organic Chocolate Tea. This was so savory! I remember buying this months ago and trying it, but not really thinking much of it. It is amazing what the Whole30 has done for my taste buds and my appreciation for flavors and tastes. It tasted rich and creamy. It does have a mild amount of caffeine, so it is not going to be an every day thing (at least not in the afternoon). It was the perfect Valentines Day treat for myself.


My Valentine gave me some pretty flowers. I lit the candles when I got home and got ready for dinner. I made the well-raved Chocolate Chili recipe from Well Fed. I prepped everything for the crock pot this morning (which is actually NOT the recommended way of cooking it) and turned it on low before leaving for work this morning. When I got home this afternoon, the smell of the chili was so flavorful and it welcomed me before I even walked through the front door.


The chili tasted way better than this picture looks. It was perfect!


My Valentines Day ended with the perfect box of chocolates: an empty one! However, it was still full of chocolate. My Valentine got us concert tickets to the Carolina Chocolate Drops playing next week. He is the BEST! Now I’m returning to his crook for some V-Day cuddles.


2 thoughts on “A Very Compliant and Chocolateful Valentines Day

    • Happy (belated) V-Day! It was the perfect dinner and it will be even better this morning for my breakfast! Thank you for letting me share it.

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