I am so grateful we have power right now. And, as this week has progressed, I am feeling pretty freaking powerful!

Luckily, we were not too badly affected by the winter storm. Because we are located so far south and so near the coast, we didn’t get as much ice as others got, especially the closer into the city. There are still traffic lights out and many without power or heat. I have several co-workers that live in the same zip code as me that don’t have electricity still. Yesterday, our facility didn’t open until noon, but I still went in right around 8 AM to get into my routine. Hubs informed me that the power went out at our house around 10 AM, which then motivated him to leave for work. Throughout the day I was reading the news about the thousands of customers without electricity from all of the fallen tree limbs due to the ice. I kept eyeing our providers outage map online and it showed our neighborhood without any updates. I was dreading going home! And I thought about poor Lady baby shivering under the blankets. So, of course I avoided confronting the situation by attending a gym class after work.

Happily, Hubs called me while I was on my way to the gym to let me know that he got home and we had power-just no internet or TV. I’ll take it!! It really would have been a perfect night to blog too; but I was just happy to get home and be able to cook dinner on the stove and in the oven and watch a movie before passing out. That was another thing I kept thinking of during the day too: before I left for work I took out some ground bison to defrost for that night’s dinner. I would have been shit out of luck if I wasn’t able to cook it and couldn’t freeze the meat back up. Still, it all would have been fine. I am seriously just very happy to have heat.


I made bison-stuffed bell peppers. I bought some bell peppers for a steal at the grocery store’s quick sale produce stand this past weekend. I have only ever cooked bison once before and it was in a chili recipe that I made in the crock pot. I wasn’t really able to taste the flavor of the meat before in a chili, but boy was I able to this time! The bison was so juicy!

bellsbefore bellpeppersstuffed


Anyway, onto the other hand of this power post: I am fueling some serious energy throughout this third week of Whole30. After a quick staff workout this afternoon at lunchtime, I usually do an easy little cool down walk outside so that I’m not too sweaty when I go back to change into my uniform. Well, I forgot for a minute that it was freezing outside. But, instead of turning back around to go inside, I thought I’d go for a run to the other side of the staff parking lot. It was not only so cold, but windy too! It’s like my body just craves to move. And it prefers to run instead of walk. I’m really excited to go on an actual run when the weather warms up again to see how much my pace improves.

The funny thing though is that by 9 PM, I am struggling to stay awake. I’ve always gone to bed pretty early anyway, but that was when I was waking up consistently to go to the gym at 5 AM. Now, I am sleeping in the morning until around 6:30 and still passing out right after 9. It’s like all the consistent energy throughout the day just flattens out when I need to sleep. It’s really a cool feeling. My body feels efficient if that makes sense. So, with that said: Goodnight! Stay safe and warm everyone!


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