Spaghetti Squash “Pizza” Pie


For those of you that read my blog, than you know I typed last night’s post while waiting for din-din to cook. I was really excited to try out a new recipe for spaghetti squash. PaleOMG’s recipe for Pizza Spaghetti Pie did not disappoint in the least. However, I think it tasted more like lasagna than pizza, but in the paleo world I guess that would equate to roughly the same thing since they are both carb-heavy Italian dishes, right? I also never mentioned the “P” word to my Hubs so he had no Great Expectations to the dish; luckily he was a fan! He also agreed that it tasted like lasagna. Without further ado, my stream of pictures to lovingly throw in your faces:


I roast my squash by cutting it length-wise in half and putting it face down on a pan. I then add a little bit of water in the pan. I baked it on 400°F for about 40 minutes. This makes it super easy to peel the “spaghetti” from the skin. I was able to literally just peel it off like a banana! But before I handled it, I had to let it cool. I am not the most patient person in the world, so I took advantage of the cold weather and put these hot heads outside to cool off.


I admit that I am impatient, but I do like to think of myself as resourceful! I tried to capture the steam coming off of them, but my iPhone doesn’t seem to have an app for that. After about 5 minutes of cooling outside I brought them in to “skin” them. It is also a good idea to drain the “spaghetti” as well. Since I add water to the pan it has a lot of moisture in it so I collect the “spaghetti” in a colander before adding it to anything else.


I cooked onions and jalapeno peppers with ground pork. The recipe calls for Italian sausage and doesn’t call for any peppers but it is hard to find compliant sausage. So, I used pork and added the peppers for a kick of spice. I also added basil, oregano, crushed red pepper, sea salt, and black pepper.


The recipe calls for 1 cup of pizza sauce. I added tomato sauce but dumped the whole can in it. I think the recipe called for a much smaller spaghetti squash than the one I had anyway. I am glad I added the whole can because it was the perfect amount!


I mixed the sauce together with the squash in a big bowl. I whisked 3 eggs and then mixed that all up as well.


I put it in a baking dish, set the oven to 350°F, took my “before” pic and then let it bake for about an hour.


Voila! See? It even looks more like lasagna. I’m not complaining that they got the name wrong. It was delicious!


I took a big hunk from the dish for my dinner. I later added some guacamole and black olives to mine to give it some more fat. The best part of this is that I have about half still left for this upcoming week. And if you couldn’t tell from last week’s post, to say I love leftovers is an understatement!


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