Is it Friday yet?


I am so exhausted. Please forgive me if this post is a ramble-fest or incoherent. I just worked a 12 hour day and am now vegging out on my couch. I didn’t want to skip another day of not blogging even if it is a post that just turns into a digression about my busy day. I feel like the more I blog, the more accountable I stay. This whole week has been crazy! In a good way! I remember now that on Monday I wrote about how “manic” it was; that seems like so long ago! I’ve been really challenging myself to be more productive and to take advantage of more opportunities-at work but also with my personal life.

On Tuesday evening, I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I attended a community concert band’s rehearsal. I played flute for years and years and almost majored in music. Due to life, I lost interest and have just recently rekindled my love and passion for playing. It has been so hard finding a community ensemble to play with that doesn’t charge you a stipend or a fee. I wouldn’t mind paying a fee, but the one in my county charged $120 per semester. I seriously considered it but then I found a community band that is free to players who just want to play! Yay! The only catch is that the rehearsals are the next county over. That’s not that big of a deal, but the next county over is across the Cape Fear River and requires a $5.00 ferry ride over or a 45 minute drive around the river and over the bridge. I took the ferry over on the first day and drove back. I met another player who also lives in Wilmington so we are going to plan on carpooling together (score!). We also discovered we are both UNC alumni (double score!). We are also two players of a select few in the band that are on the lighter said of the age demographic. Monday night was full of food prep for Tuesday’s lunch and dinner.

Today was full of rewarding work! I got in right around 7 AM. I had to make myself scarf down my breakfast before I left the house because I knew my busy morning wouldn’t allow me to eat it later. We had our first ever live distance learning program with a 4th grade class located outside of Raleigh. It was a great first run and has inspired me so much to keep the momentum going! Tonight was a big after hours event so I ended up working until 8 and arrived home after 9. Yesterday night was also full of food prep for today’s lunch and dinner. I am definitely happy that I don’t need to prep my dinner for tomorrow. I am also so happy that tomorrow is Friday. And so happy I get to work a half day.

I have yet to mention Whole30 in this post (I guess I just did) but I seriously feel like the boost of energy I’ve received from my eating is in someway connected to the motivation I have to be so productive. Even when I walked in the door tonight when I got home all I wanted to do was fall on the couch and watch crappy TV, but once I sat down I felt the need to get some writing done. Maybe it’s because this week has gone by so fast, but I honestly don’t even think about which day I’m on anymore. I do know that Sunday is Day 15 and that is halfway!  That in itself seems to have happened really fast.

I don’t have any obligatory food photos to post. Actually, I do. I have lots. But I am too tired to post them. Don’t get too excited though, I will definitely be posting all my good ones from this past week in their own special time. Sorry in advance if you cringe when looking at too close-up images of meals. I like posting them and won’t stop because I can’t show them to anybody else!


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