Luscious Leftovers


The term “Manic Monday” appropriately details my day. You’d think people would have been hungover from last night’s Superbowl and give way for a slower start to the week. At least, that was my pattern the last two years–thanks to the Whole30 I had enough energy to take this day on! In fact, I noticeably had bounds of energy throughout the entire day right from the start when my alarm clock rang at 6:45 to my evening gym class right after work. I was able to push and give a lot more effort during my Body Blast class which felt amazing. Another thing to mention was that I never experienced any cravings in between meals like I usually do. Oh, I hope this only continues to get better and better!

Today, I was able to reap the benefits of all my time in the kitchen yesterday. All of my meals today were leftovers! And you better believe tomorrow will include a smorgasbord of revamped leftover meals as well. I usually don’t get hungry first thing in the morning so I made my morning meal to go. After taking my first sips of coffee (which is also technically considered a leftover since I brewed it the day before), I put my good ole’ cast iron on the stove top (actually it is pretty much always on the stove top) and threw some mango-spiced chicken wings in it (without the bones). I then sauteed some kale and mushrooms in coconut oil with it and then threw some eggs in and made the most deliciously flavored egg scramble ever.


I waited until I got hungry, then ate it in my office. My co-worker said it smelled delicious and then asked if it was Brunswick Stew. I don’t know what Brunsick Stew is. I said “Nope, but it is delicious.” I have never had Brunswick Stew but according to the picture I saw when I looked it up, they aren’t even close. I’m going to assume my morning meal was so flavorful that it aroused copious amounts of memories once my food aroma hit her nose.

My “leftover lunch” was comprised of last night’s meatballs. I made a meatball salad with lettuce, carrots, meatballs (crumbled up), and guacamole. The guacamole seriously put this meal over the top. That and the mix of Tessemae’s dressing I used. I topped it off with my favorite, the Southwest Ranch, and a new one I hadn’t tried before, the Italian. It was heavenly.


I snacked on some baby carrots (also leftover from last night’s veggie tray) before my workout because I knew I’d need the energy once the gym class started. After coming home I made tomorrow’s lunch before eating dinner. I don’t know why I always take so long to eat after working out. I think the actual work out kind of staggers my hunger for some reason. I also didn’t really want to go back into the kitchen after eating my dinner, so I got it all out of the way. And yes, tomorrow includes not-so-sloppy seconds (because their sloppy thirds!) as well.

Dinner was leftover salt and pepper seasoned wings (sans bones) sauteed with kale, butternut squash, and some bacon in coconut oil.

ImageMmmmm! Seriously, I feel like I’ve never let myself eat this good. Ever. My taste-buds are completely rejuvenated as well. Fruit tastes so sweet! And every meal I make is so incredibly flavorful–without even using spices. Just the mixing of certain veggies with one another can create the best smells and tastes. Spices just take it to next level.

I’m glad I got this post in because tomorrow is definitely going to be a doosey. I won’t be home until late and will probably crash right when I get home. Speaking of crashing, my dream last night was intense! I not only “cheated” in my dream, I had a full-fledged Binge-Fest of foods I don’t even ever eat! It was sad. I felt so incredible guilty and wanted to stop but couldn’t make myself. Is my subconscious trying to force self-sabotage? Am I over-analyzing this? I am definitely no stranger to self-sabotage, so I admit I am taking it a little too personally (with myself?! ha!). Anyway, I will stop now. Unless of course tonight’s dreams literally force me to sleep walk to the fridge and eat everything that is non-compliant. That can’t happen, right?!


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