Superbowl Sunday


Two posts in one day! Don’t get used to it y’all…I just cooked some delicious Whole30 finger foods in the kitchen and took way too many pictures and now I have all this vacant time to use until Downton Abbey comes on….so I thought I’d get another post in under my belt. It will keep Hubs happy that I am spending time with him during the Superbowl (even if I am blogging instead of watching) and it will keep me from overeating chicken wings.

After my last post, I went outside and determined that the day was too beautiful to not go run outside. The high was mid-to-high 50’s but the sun was out and shining! It felt so much like Spring–which was ironic because I later found out that today was Groundhog Day. Man, February has the most random holidays in it. Poor groundhog, he had a lot of competition on Superbowl Sunday. I never did find out if he saw his shadow or not. Okay, I just looked it up: 6 more weeks of winter. Well, hopefully the winter days will feel more like today. In spite of the good weather, my run was tough. My ankle held up, but I was still afraid to push it and my 2.5 miles felt like I was trudging in molasses. I will chalk it up though and look forward to better runs in the future. After my run I had one of the most delicious meals yet! All I did was mix diced sweet potato, onion, chicken and bacon together and cook it in some coconut oil.


I really have enjoyed being in the kitchen. I was really looking forward to cooking today. I made a simple paleo meatball recipe and also made a chili spiced mango sauce for some wings. Both recipes came out surprisingly well. I was a little iffy about the mango spice sauce (it definitely didn’t look like the pretty picture on the website) but it was delicious!


Meatballs (top left), Wings w/ Mango Spice Sauce (bottom left) and Wings w/ S&P (right)


Whole30 Superbowl

I actually had to put a meatball back I was pretty full. I munched on veggies while I was cooking so don’t judge me for my lack of veggies. The best part about this food is that it is going to make great leftovers for the rest of the week!

Okay, I’m ready for the half time show now. How much longer?!


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