Zucchini Pasta


It has been a Happy Friday, indeed! It was back to the grind for me this morning, which I was actually looking kind of forward to–it makes me more excited for the weekend if I have a day between it and the “snowpocalypse.” I set my alarm to wake up at 6:45 AM, but I naturally woke up around 6:20 AM. To my shock, Lady had not awaken yet (usually she wakes us up around 5 to eat breakfast) and I for sure thought Hubby already fed her. After stretching my legs though, sure enough, my stirring rustled the slumbering bedevil and she quickly ran up to the top of my pillow licking my face to make clear that her hunger pains were ever-so-present.

After feeding Lady, I started the coffee and began getting ready for the day. I was so glad I had leftovers from dinner to eat for breakfast! An interesting thing about Whole30 is that there is really no “breakfast foods.” No oatmeal, no cereal, no granola, and NO pancakes/waffles whatsoever. Although you could take compliant ingredients and technically make a “pancake” by mixing sweet potato, coconut flour, banana, and egg and then fry it in coconut oil, it still isn’t compliant. The reason is because of the psychological affect it can have on your relationship with food. This is GREAT for me because all of these foods, except for oatmeal, are major trigger foods of mine (especially cereal). The Whole30 gurus recommend not thinking of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and instead think of Meal 1/2/3. I still like the idea of Lunch and Dinner but replace Breakfast with Morning Meal. This also makes it psychologically easier to get veggies in with each meal. I used to never ever eat veggies for breakfast. It also makes last night’s leftovers perfect for quick-prep breakfasts!

So, before I get to my delicious leftover breakfast I should tell you what I had for dinner: Zucchini Pasta! One of my favorite things to do while grocery shopping is to look for the quick-sale produce that is super cheap. It is usually produce that is about to go bad, so you have to use it fast. I love figuring out what I’m going to make for dinner with what is cheap and available at the grocery store! They had 5 zucchinis for $2 and I instantly thought of a zucchini pasta recipe! I don’t have a Julienne Peeler, which is what most recipes recommend when making the “zucc-noodles” so I used a handy-dandy little grater-slicer gadget instead and it worked fine.


Not very noodle-ish, but definitely pasta-ish. I cooked the zucc-noodles in some ghee and I then made a delicious sauce with tomato paste, ground beef, onion, garlic, black pepper and oregano. Then I mixed the two and I got this:


It was so delicious! Even my anti-zucchini husband loved it! Score! Or maybe not a “score” because I had to share. At least I had enough sauce for breakfast this morning. And no joke, the sauce was so much better the morning after than it was last night. I added some bell peppers to eat to get some more veggies in and then fried an egg in the middle of it.


A lot of people get sick of eating eggs for breakfast (I mean “morning meal”?), but I love them! I think as long as I’m changing up what I’m eating my eggs with then it will stay interesting!

I love these easy leftover breakfasts that take no time at all in the morning so I can get those extra minutes of sleep in–as long as Lady will let me.


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