Saturday’s Seven


Once today is in the books I will be finished with my first week! OMG, time out: “My 600 lb Life” is on my TV right now (I put it on as background noise) and I am slightly disturbed by what is going on with “Penny.” I usually can’t watch these shows because the images can be kind of graphic and the stories can be deeply sad. Let me just say, I don’t feel so fat anymore after hearing what Penny just said. No, I’m not going to repeat it.

And, we’re back! Last night I had a hard time falling asleep. I felt really tired but it took me much longer than normal to actually fall asleep. I also woke up a few times in the middle of the night. This usually happens at the end of my first week, which I was anticipating this time around but hoping it could maybe skip me this time. During my last Whole30, it only lasted 2 or 3 nights and then I entered sleep haven every night after that. It’s not like I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I feel really well rested too. I just love it when I fall right asleep after hitting the pillow. It could be worse! I could suffer from insomnia-so I am definitely not complaining.

This morning I made an omelet with some left over pork that I made in the crock pot earlier this week. I topped it off with some avocados. That reminds me, that I need to buy some more avocados because I finished them!


I finally went to a gym class, which I wasn’t able to do most days this week because of the snow. It was a great sweat-fest. I felt so energized afterwards that I did 30 minutes of cardio afterwards. When I got home I immediately made a post-workout meal: sweet potato and turkey burger cooked in coconut oil.


My post-WO meal was right around lunch time, but I didn’t want to wait too long to make a big lunch meal since Whole30 recommends eating right after working out. So, I thought I’d eat lunch afterwards whenever I felt hunger pains again. I took a nice long hot bath, made the bed, watched some Netflix, got some Valentines Day decorations out and never got hungry. I needed to make some errands so I figured I’d be out for a jiffy and come home and then I’d make a meal.

I think everyone was out shopping today! This was the first real day that all the roads were clear of ice and the grocery stores were packed with Superbowl shoppers. I picked up some red candles for my “Valentines Day” decor.

vday candles

I also probably spent way too much money on beer as well. I wanted to get some chocolate flavored beer for my hubs for V-Day but then I found some amazing picks that I couldn’t wait to try after my 30 days. That is the one thing I probably really miss is sipping on a beer with my husband. It’s not even the taste of beer I miss, but enjoying the different types and the different flavors with my Hubs is such a fun experience. I will probably try to stick to Whole30 as much as I can after my 30 days but include beer from time to time!

Anyway, I picked up this find for my Valentine:

Atwater‘s Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale. I love the word “decadent”! There is 6 of them, so he better save me one at the end of the month! I also found this gem:

I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! I couldn’t pass it up! I love Wells’ Banana Bread Beer. It seriously tastes just like it sounds, so I am hoping this one will too. You all will have to wait to hear how it tastes though….20-something more days!

Anyway, after spending too much money on beer that I’m not even going to get to drink I braved Whole Foods to see what “whole” goodies I could find. I came across lots and lots of chicken wings. So many, in fact, that I not only bought one package of wings, but I bought two! Seriously, I bought way too many wings. But, they were on sale! And I figured we wouldn’t eat all of them on Superbowl Sunday so they would make great leftovers. I think I brought home over 6 lbs of chicken wings.


See, the big yellow “On Sale” sticker?!

The wings on the left are already seasoned with garlic, paprika, celery seed, sea salt and pepper. I’m planning on using this Chili-Spiced Mango recipe for the naked wings. Note to self: buy more avocados and buy some mangoes! I had to buy a little plastic container of celery and baby carrots while checking out because by then my hunger pains were churning my stomach inside out. I didn’t time this whole meal planning thing out very well today. I gnawed on the veggies on the way home and instantly felt better. Once I got home, I added some almond butter to them and cooked a turkey burger. I got my protein, fat, and veggies all in….just not at the same time! Now it’s past 5 o’ clock and I have no idea if I will be hungry again today or if I’ll become ravenous at any moment.

I hope I fall asleep more easily tonight than I did last night. Tomorrow is going to be a fun cooking day for me in the kitchen. I’m making everything Whole30 compliant. And then, when I am finished, I will watch Downton Abbey while my husband yells at the TV in the other room. Life is good!


3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Seven

  1. girlv20

    You have Rogue brewery beer! Yea! I’d recognize that bottle anywhere. Have you tried their beard beer? Horrible concept but I hear it’s not bad…

    • Rogue inspired us to visit the Pacific for our Honeymoon and do nothing but visit breweries. And yes, my Husband has a mighty beard so we had to try their beard beer! My favorite is their Chocolate Stout.

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